The Dark Times are a period of Star Wars that have probably seen the least exploration in modern day Star Wars. Taking place after Order 66, this was the Rise of the Empire, and contains the Jedi Purge and really the attempts to extinguish hope in the galaxy. There’s a few comics, which are typically excellent, but tread familiar ground. These are typically about the Rise of the Empire, and typically show either how the Rebellion is formed, or show how Darth Vader adjusts to his new mechanical nightmare. 

Outside of those, the majority of canon Star Wars fiction has been set during the Galactic Civil War, or during the Sequel Trilogy. When you say there’s going to be a game about a Jedi  on the run during The Dark Times, I can’t help but get excited. There’s a danger there, and an opportunity to showcase the true terror of being someone on the run, against the unstoppable might of the Empire.

After a good ten minutes of hiding his Jedi heritage, Cal Kestis, our protagonist draws his lightsaber against two members of the Imperial Inquisition. He throws caution to the wind to protect a friend of his, and in doing so, puts his own life at risk. That’s not an unlikely decision for a Jedi, mind. They’re trained to defend others, seek justice and put the weak ahead of themselves. But in doing so, the promise of being a Jedi when the whole galaxy is against you is thrown out of the window before they even manage to build up the threat. 

There’s never any risk about being discovered, because you reveal what should be your closest, most desperately guarded secret at the very beginning of the game. This removes what is most intriguing in the Dark Times era, and in all honesty, removes any reason for the game to have been set at this period, as it could have been just as easily been set during the Clone Wars, or during the era of the New Republic.

The Dark Times are an era that have built up from the very beginning of Star Wars. Obi-Wan Kenobi mentions them the first time we see him, and with gravitas he talks about how the galaxy was before the Empire. A game that shows the struggle of being a hunted person is a unique opportunity to show just how dangerous and merciless the Empire was. It’s a damn shame that Fallen Order never gives that danger a place to grow.