Disclosure: This game was provided as a review code directly from the developer.

Title: Blackfaun
Developer: Wild Guess Software
Genre: Action RPG Roguelike

Blackfaun is an action role-playing game with rogue-like elements. Each playthrough allows the player the ability to play through a randomised environment, fighting enemies in new places, while levelling up a character from level one. It features some light role-playing mechanics, with some loot being gathered by players, but, in my opinion, not enough for the game to be called an action RPG. Loot drops sparingly, and hardly ever does a player get any, save when defeating a boss. The art style is pretty, and it’s nice to see a fantasy game using a non-traditional race as it’s main character, but at this point in it’s development, Blackfaun feels as if it needs more content. It’s a very casual game, with myself hardly ever taking damage. This can be seen as a plus to many, but in my experience, the draw of the rogue-like is it’s difficulty, which Blackfaun fails to provide in any meaningful manner. Of course, this could come as the game develops, as the game is in Early Access. For now, however, I’d say hold off, as there are better and brighter rogue-like titles out there, that’ll give you a much better experience for your £12.


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