In episode 17 of JamesCOM, we’re still attempting to put back together the team after some major losses earlier in the campaign.

Welcome to JamesCOM. The institution for defending the human race from the alien threat, managed and led by The Commander, James “Iyagovos” Bartholomeou. JamesCOM comprises a crack team of highly trained soldiers, drawn from a pool of worthy victims applicants that want to sweat and bleed for their planet. Each soldier, named after a contributor to the Initiative Check cause, is one that will always appear in missions before a generic soldier. JamesCOM is not a serious playthrough of X-COM Enemy Within, neither am I an expert player of X-COM. JamesCOM is a gruelling terrible account of what can go wrong with X-COM, and is fraught with tense moments, and terrible losses. You will get attached to each soldier, and you will feel them being ripped away from you. No, this is not Game of Thrones. This is JamesCOM.


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