We’re back! The Initiative Check Podcast returns with James, Julie, and Zak discussing their weekly gaming habits and asking the community to weigh in on weekly topics.

Games discussed:

Weekly Topic!

This week, we asked our friends to tell us which game they hate that everyone else seems to love. Games discussed included:

  • Simulators – Boring and mundane, or a way to do something you wouldn’t in real life?
  • BioShock – Predictable story and crappy mechanics?
  • Heroes of the Storm – Dumbed down MOBA?
  • Hearthstone – Boring and missing opportunities?
  • Mario Kart – This game cheats.
  • Rogue Legacy – Julie is bad at video games
  • Civilization – James is anti-civilization.
  • Final Fantasy 7 – We’re all about to get our nerd cards revoked

Next week, we’ll be discussing games that you love and no one else seems to appreciate. Let us know what you think by filling out our survey here!


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