A little while ago, the game Paranautical Activity got removed from Steam due to death threats that one of the developers was sending to Valve director, Gabe Newell. Today, appropriately on Friday the 13th, I got word that publisher Digerati had taken over the rights of Paranautical Activity from the originial developers and have rereleased the game, with improvements, on that platform for $9.99, with a 30% discount for the first week.

Nick Alferi from Digerati explains the situation “We’ve taken over the PC rights for Paranautical Activity, because we loved the game and were sad that people weren’t getting to play it. I wanted to thank everyone who had already supported the title in its early access stage, so we’ve added some new in-game content – a new level, item and weapon as well of a bunch of other cool unseen digital bits and bobs. Working with GOG, Steam & the guys at Humble is always a pleasure and brings the game to a wider, different audience so it’s great to be going (back) out on all these stores on the same day!”

If you already own Paranautical Activity on Steam, then you already own the Deluxe Attonement edition, too.

The Deluxe Attonement edition also adds in some bonuses to the game, including:

  • Developer footage & commentary
  • A strategy guide
  • A new type of level, a new weapon and a new itme
  • Wallpaper

Paranautical Activity will also be releasing on the Humble Store and GOG.