Monty Oum, an animator for Rooster Teeth, and the man behind fantastic series Dead Fantasy, and my personal favourite machinima Haloid, has passed away. He had an allergic reaction to a simple medical procedure, and entered a coma. He was unable to recover from it, and sadly passed away on yesterday. He is survived by his wife, his father, his three brothers and two sisters.

I don’t really have a whole lot else to say, only that my best wishes go out to his family, and his co-workers at Rooster Teeth. You’ll be missed, Monty. A lot of us value and love the work you did, and you’ll always have a place in our hearts.

RoosterTeeth have posted a heartfealt obituary imploring fans to not donate gifts or money to the family, but to to something creative with their time, to honour Monty. That obituary is here.