Last week I had the fantastic opportunity to sit down with John and Jarret from Octopodo Interactive to discuss the interesting underwater roguelike that they’re currently working on, Neptune, Have Mercy. Neptune, Have Mercy takes the player to the hazardous moon of Triton, which orbits Neptune. There, they explore the watery depths of the moon, and try and get as deep into the seas as they can. This is done by upgrading the submarine through doing quests and research to gain more plans, and then crafting parts to add onto the submarine itself. Along with that, between missions into the oceans, you can enter your submarine to craft, talk with your crew, and make plans on how next to venture into the seas.

Today, Octopodo have launched their Kickstarter to fund the game, with a modest goal of $20,000(CAD). With music produced by John Matz, the mind behind the soundtrack of games such as Gunpoint and Enemy Starfighter, and programmed by one of the developers behind games such as Klei’s Mark of the Ninja and Shank 2, along with art by Tristian Nishimoto of Rainbow Runner, I recommend taking a look at the Kickstarter. $20,000 isn’t a whole lot, and I feel that Neptune, Have Mercy will deliver a genre of game that we haven’t seen a whole lot of recently, one of deep dark terrible seas, filled with scary monsters and interesting science fiction. There’s definitely not enough pulp sci-fi out there right now, and Neptune looks to bring that style back.

You can find the Kickstarter here.

(Full disclosure: I have backed Neptune, Have Mercy for $35.)