I, Zombie is an arcade puzzle game that puts the player in control of the leader of a zombie horde as he tries to take over the world. He does this through converting other humans to zombies through attacking them. I, Zombie makes the player use strategy to create hordes that allow him the protection from bullets he needs to be able to convert tougher enemies, eventally ending up with a very powerful zombie army.

The idea is there, and I can see it working out if better implemented, but I, Zombie plays very slowly and not very fluidly. The stealth is requires is near impossible with a single error leading to death, and very easily gets frustrating. On top of this, art assets and musical assets seem to be reused quite often, and there’s not a whole lot new added as you progress through the game.

I, Zombie released on the 9th for PC, and can be found on Steam here, for $2. It’s decent, but definitely needs improvement before I’d say it’s worth buying for more than that.