Distance by Refract is a fantastic high-speed racing game from the team behind Nitrionic Rush. A racing game gives you full control over your vehicle, with the ability to jump, drive and fly through a very cyberpunk kind of racing setting. The game features the ability to boost your car, and you’re expected to do so nearly constantly to get the maximum speed out of your vehicle. As the game is based off time trials and getting to the end of the track as fast you can, this is highly encourage. It builds serious speed, and becomes a racing game that relies on pure instinct and reflex. The developers also plan to have a full-fledged story mode in the game at release, but as of yet it’s not been implemented.

It features a fantastic in-built level creator as well, with players being able to tweak every last part of the level, including what colours traffic lights are. One fantastic example of a creation in this editor is Rainbow Road from the Nintendo 64 entry into the Mario Kart series, which has been perfectly recreatd in the Distance level editor.

Distance is a fantastic arcade racing game, and should definitely be played by fans of fast-paced adrenaline building games. The game releases onto Early Access on the 9th of December, and can be found here!