I sat down to talk to David Pierce (the developer of one of my personal favourite Skyrim mods, Frostfall) from TheoryForm Games about their new project, Hazewalker, which is a Metroidvania platformer game that follows the story of the survivors of a mysterious plague called the Haze. We talk about David’s previous projects, the difficulties of indie games development, and the inspirations for Hazewalker, as well as discussing an interesting new crowdsourcing program called Epocu, which I hadn’t heard of.  There’s also a lot of technical discussion about engines and how they are made, which should be interesting to those of you interested in games development at its core.

Hazewalker recently launched a Greenlight campaign, which can be found here! 

There is also a Kickstarter which is starting today, and can be found here once it goes up at 7PM CST. The Kickstarter also includes a playable demo for the game, which is worth checking out if you’re into games of this genre.

Enjoy the show!