For the first time on Indie Investigations, I’m talking about an Android game. And it’s not that I have something against Android games, i just haven’t had a device to play them on until now. Yesterday, my brand new Tegra Note 7 arrived, and with it, the ability to finally play VIVID, an arcade game developed by All In. I also tested my new phone to play online casinos, I was curious about this when I read about it at working daddy, it seemed fun and I heard that I could win big money in playing at online casinos.

Inspired by games such as VVVVV and Super Hexagon, VIVID tasks you to move around a prism to collect orbs of light, filling up the prisms light charge as it drains over time. Do you want to know more? take a look at this, you’ll enjoy this. This task is made harder with the ever-present danger of black holes, which kill you in one hit, and a dark prism which is essentially doing what you are, and stealing your orbs.

VIVID is completely free, and supported by unobtrusive ads that appear once every three or four attempts. As well as this, it has four modes, meaning that when you beat the first, or more likely rage quit it, you have three more to beat your head against.

VIVID also sports a fantastic soundtrack, and the game a lot of the time feels like a rhythm game. Artistically, VIDID is also very clean and smooth, while still managing to provide a lot of visual information to the user in an easily digested manner.
I totally recommend picking VIVID up if you like a game that throws you around for a bit, as it provides a lot of challenge over a short period of time. If you’re one of those people that enjoys striving to beat a challenge, and relishing the rush when you finally do (like me) you need to play VIVID, because it captures that feeling beautifully. You can pick up VIVID on the Google Play store for absolutely nothing.