Pixel Boy and the Ever-expanding dungeon, developed by Giant Box Games, is a top-down action RPG shoot-em-up that randomly generates its levels as you play. You control Pixel Boy and enter the randomly generated dungeons below the town of Resolutia. There are four acts in total, each with a powerful boss at their climax. Every dungeon is filled to the brim with aggressive and deadly enemies. As Pixel Boy you will encounter swarms of giant ants, packs of snapping dogs and even lethal dungeon birds.

Each level has you searching for three parts of a key so that you can open the door down to the next level. While searching for these keys, you’re beset by enemies that include giant ants and massive scorpions. To help fight these enemies, you’re provided with weapon and armour drops from the enemies. The weapon drops work similarly to a shoot-em-up game, where you have a limited amount of attacks to use, and which modify your attacks to act differently, be it in a stream or a scattering mode of fire. Armour is collected and built using armour orbs that the enemies drop. This armour then provides you with a bonus randomly generated as it’s crafted.

The random generation doesn’t stop there, however. When you move on to the next level, a slot machine picks you your next enemies. This means that each time you play, you face a very different challenge.

The art style and soundtrack fit the game very well, being very minimalistic and simple, while still adding value to the game, and making it feel more completed.
Pixel Boy plays well, and feels like a well made dungeon crawler, but it doesn’t quite have the staying power of other games in the genre, like The Binding of Isaac or Rogue Legacy. It’s a great game to play for ten or fifteen minutes, but if you’re looking for something with longer legs, look elsewhere. You can pick it up for $10 on Steam, and if you get it this week, you can get it for $7