This week we’re covering a whole new game that I’ve discovered. Releasing on August 22nd, on early access, Neon Excesses is a cyberspace based first person shooter, where you control a spaceship flying through the information super highway.

This spaceship, or to be completely honest, data packet, is equipped with weapons and engines (all of which are named after computer and networking terms, such as malware and virus scanners) but you’re totally able to customise everything. You’re thinking, cool, I can customise my gear, every RPG lets you do that. Well, no. Not every RPG lets you customise your characters goals and aims. If you want to trade in Neon Excesses, go for it. You don’t have to be a fighter, you can be a trader too.

What really makes Neon Excesses fantastic is that everything is lootable. If you destroy an enemy, you can collect everything they drop, which is unique to this game. As well as this, each enemy has it’s own randomly generated AI, meaning that you can’t figure out a way to beat all of one class of enemy, which keeps the challenge fresh.

The game looks and plays very smoothly, but it does come with a major drawback. It has a massive learning curve. You CAN jump into the game blindly, and I did, but you won’t get the full impact of the game. It takes investment to get your dollar out of it, but it’s well worth it.

Neon Excesses is set to release on Steam Early Access of the 22nd of August, and I know that that’s a bummer. What might cheer you guys up, however, is that it will be fully feature complete for the first 30 levels. And if you can’t wait that long, it’s already got an alpha which is accessible on Desura today.
If you’re looking for a cool, sci-fi themed shooter, or are looking for a game similar to Descent and with the responsiveness of Quake, I highly recommend looking at this.

You find out more about Neon Excesses here!