This week, we play guess what James is talking about (technical issues are no fun!) Blake joins Nick this week for a rundown of games. Imagine James recapping his time playing Titanfall, RAGE, Chivalry, streaming Metro 2033 and Guacamelee, and experience with ranked League of Legends this week. Nick has also been playing with robots in Titanfall, and has also been playing Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 4, Chivalry, War of the Vikings, and Bulletstorm. Blake, too, has been playing League of Legends, and has also played the Wildstar beta and Diablo 3.

Two bonus pieces of conversation include the Steam In-home Game Streaming is live, GameSpy shuts down, and Bungie patches Halo: Combat Evolved.

Steam In-home Game Streaming LIVE!–Linux/

GameSpy shuts down, Bungie patches Halo: Combat Evolved