On this installment of Initiative Check, James discusses his recent diving back into the World of Warcraft, and how much fun he’s having playing with Alea Iacta Est, the Frogpants guild. He then goes into massive detail about the excruciating 25-hour marathon that he took part in on the weekend of the 2nd of November, and how much fun it was. The Gamers Inn team raised $4.2k, but you can still help them out by visiting bit.ly/tgiextralife2013

Meg then tells us about how special her experience with Stanley Parable was, and urges people to play it. She tells us about how awesome Soundodger is, too. Nick then tells us about the Borderlands Loot Hunt, and then James and Nick reminisce about the awesome that is FORCED and Final Exam.

In news this week, Steam have permanently removed a game from peoples libraries for the first time. What do you think about that? Let us know, by emailing us at initiativecheck@initiativecheck.com


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