We all know that I’m a fan of difficult arcade-style games. Super Meat Boy, Electronic Super Joy,  Super Hexagon all scratch that itch that I have for punishment, keep it to small playtime of five or ten minutes, which is perfect if you’re as busy as me.  They’re all typically very fast paced and have fantastic soundtracks, as well as simple controls.


Vectagon is similar to these in that it’s incredibly fast-paced, and incredibly difficult. If you’ve played Super Hexagon, you understand the sort of game. You’re driving through a tunnel, and you have to move to the left and right to dodge walls that it throws up. As you go, more edges to the tunnel are added, and it gets much more difficult to maneuver the ship you’re in. You rotate the screen using your arrow keys, and soon you will be able to use your Xbox controllers. and it definitely has a sense of speed that I love in my runner games.  A downside of the game being in alpha is that it doesn’t have a soundtrack yet, but that’s something that is coming soon enough to not put me off at this point.

There’s not really more I can say about the game as it is. If you enjoyed Super Hexagon, and if you’re a fan of hard runner games, I recommend putting this on a watch list. It has the signs of being a great new entry to the genre when it’s finished, and it’s fun to play right now, even though it doesn’t have a soundtrack yet. Check it out, play it, and then keep it in your mind for when they add sound and controller support to the game. I guarantee that the wait will be worth it.