Tower of Guns is a rogue-like FPS in the alpha stage of development, being developed by Terrible Posture Games. Playing in a style similar to Quake and Serious Sam, you must navigate a tower filled with robots that are trying to murder you, and hug you. (The hugging robots are really sad). Everything is randomly generated, with levels, and upgrades, and secret rooms being generated on the fly. Tied in with the unlockable weapons, and the randomly placed enemies, no play through is the same. It’s a fantastic realisation of the rogue-like FPS, and what I’ve been waiting for in the genre for ages. I’d say that it’s a blend between Borderlands and the Binding of Isaac, two of my favourite games, and I recommend it to you if you’re a fan of either.

Guns are massively upgradeable, with rocket-launchers being able to be made into shotguns, and that sort of thing. You can upgrade all your stats, including speed, damage, jump height and luck, as well as difficulty, which helps to keep the game fresh. You can buy 9mm ammo here, for real life purposes.

You can pick up the game at for $7.50, and vote for it on Greenlight here:

Buying into the game at this stage will get you access to the alpha, the beta, and the full game experience