This time, on the Initiative Check podcast, James dives straight into what he’s been playing, for the first time in ages, and waxes poetic about how deeply in love with Kerbal Space Program he is. He talks about a new tactical real-time strategy that he found, called Survivor Squad, and then talks about how he’s steadily improving at League of Legends.

Nick then talks about how he’s starting to enjoy League, and we talk a little about that, and then we talk massively about the Humble Origin Bundle, which Nick bought, and is barreling through. He talks about how he’s enjoying Crysis 2, and taking dumb photos in Burnout Paradise, as well as playing more Mirror’s Edge.

Megan then brings us in, with talking about Portal 2 and a little bit more of Dead Island, and then hits us with a quiz, featuring pretty difficult video games trivia, and ending with one of us having to write a review of a terrible game, this week being James’ joke game, World Basketball Manager 2010.

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