On this weeks extra short episode of Initiative Check, we unveil two new segments of the show. Firstly, we unveil our weekly Game Club, which is when we sit and talk about a game that we all played, and discuss it at length. We talk about it’s flaws and it’s successes. We suggest what it could do better, and what it does very well. This weeks game was MouseCraft, a game by Crunching Koalas, which is a game similar to Lemmings.

We also unveil a new unnamed segment, where we quiz each other on game news and knowledge, which adds a challenge to show. The loser has to play and review a game that’s supposedly terrible, and review it seriously. The first quiz is next week, and we’d appreciate emails in with questions to ask each other.

We talk about quite a few games this week, and again, we discuss work, Nick’s not feeling too well, and Meg having a good week.

James talks about how much he enjoyed Fran Bow, and he chides Megan for not finishing the Last Door. Nick chimes in on how much he enjoyed The Last Door, and then talks about Borderlands 2 a little more. We have a discussion at length about Marvel Heroes, and James brings up a game that he’s been playing on iOS, called The Curse. Meg then brings up that she tried out Dead Island, and that she’s near to finish Portal 2.

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