On this weeks show ,James talks about his job, and what makes him angry about it, as well as the recent fun he’s been having in League of Legends and Stunt Runner, as well as talking a little about Kerbal Space Program.

Nick tells us a little bit more about the Borderlands 2 DLC, and talks about how playing as Krieg is, and then we discuss how Kingdoms of Amalur looks, a year after its release.

When we move on to Meg’s gaming of the week, we talk about quite a few creepy games, including Fran Bow, chapter 2 of The Last Door, and a game called Vivian Clark, which is a weird game. We then discuss Saints Row Three a little more, and try and pull Meg into the hype for the new game.

We talk quite heavily about our opinions on free to play and pay to win games. We discuss the effect that anonymity has on the internet, and even discuss our opinions on “segregated” gameplay, and how whether we want that or not. We also discuss, in relation to this, the recent upheaval and anger towards a Call of Duty developer over a recent patch.

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