This week, we start off discussing the recent heat wave in the UK. We then jump straight in to games. We lead of with Nick telling us even more about Borderlands 2, and how great the Tiny Tina DLC is. I learn that it’s about Dungeons and Dragons, which of course hooks me, and then he tells us more about Firefall, the new MMO, which again, is like Borderlands. If you haven’t noticed, I think Nick likes those sorts of games. We then go into a talk about Dead Linger, and how it’s not really a game to play now, but a game to watch. It’s heavily in Alpha, and while it plays really well, it’s simply too buggy to spend time in right now.

We then move on to me learning about Kerbal Space Program, and the challenges of space flight, or, more importantly, of getting back from space. Some hilarious things happened, and it’s a great game for learning about space flight, and experimenting, and I had a blast.

We then move on to talk about length in video games, based around the recent article that came out of Polygon, about the South Park game, the Stick of Truth. Length in video games is a highly debated topic, and we got some good discussion out of it.