This week on the first Initiative Check podcast in months, we welcome a new host to the mix. We bring Megan, a dear friend of James’ into the fold, and discuss Nerdtacular. We talk about League of Legends, and UnEpic, Nick tells us about the resurgence of his love for Borderlands 2, and his recent infatuation with Rift, and Meg tells us about her issues coping with the dastardly Steam Summer Sale.

Later in the show, we discuss the recent news that the United States Government will begin allowing League of Legends players to come to the United States for tournaments based as professional athletes, and how it will affect e-sports, and League of Legends in general.

As well as this, we also unveil a competition for Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition, which involves emailing in with next weeks discussion topic. This contest will run until somebody emails in with a topic we can use.