James Bartholomeou

Jedi: Fallen Order Squanders Star Wars’ Most Interesting Era

The Dark Times are a period of Star Wars that have probably seen the least exploration in modern day Star Wars. Taking place after Order 66, this was the Rise of the Empire, and contains the Jedi Purge and really the attempts to extinguish hope in the galaxy. There’s...

Growing Up Third-Culture In The World of Warcraft

Growing up third-culture, one of the things you miss most is stability. You move around a lot, schools and countries differ, and your friendships change year by year. A lot of people that grow up third-culture find shelter by throwing themselves relentlessly into...

Indie Investigations – The Sexy Brutale

Stopping a murder is hard. You need to know when and where it’s going to happen, who’s going to commit it, and how they’re going to do so. That’s a whole lot of sleuthing to stop somebodies death, and occasionally, that’s just too much work. Wouldn’t it be much easier...

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