Code of Ethics

At Initiative Check, I will comply with this code of ethics to ensure that all readers can confirm that all opinions and views displayed are our own, and that all personal relationships that could imply bias are properly disclosed. When such biases could influence the journalistic nature of the piece being written, staff are encouraged to disclose such biases, and if necessary, to recuse themselves from the piece. Under no circumstance will content be written to skew our own opinions to appease advertisers.

To aid in transparency for the audience of Initiative Check, please follow the following guidelines. If you have any questions, please ask.

Reporting News

Before writing a news piece based off of allegations, secure at least two sources. These sources should be screenshots, or gathered from reputable newspapers or websites.

All language used when writing about allegations should not assume that the actions took place. Phrases such as “allegedly” and “claims” are what should be used in this context.

All opinions in news posts or forum threads should be clearly identified as opinion of the writer.

In Regards To Material From Third-Parties

All staff may accept a product for the purposes of review or analysis. Physical copies will remain the property of, and are to be used for reporting purposes only. Any requests to return or dispose of physical copy will be honoured.

Promotional materials may be accepted for promotion only. Such material may be given away to readers in contests or other such promotions.

Initiative Check may allow press events to pay for travel and accommodation for staff. This is to aid in providing access to information for properties that we could not otherwise provide without travel assistance. If an article is posted based on any such event, we will disclose whether hosting was paid for by the host. We will never participate in an event specifically designed around providing controlled access for the purpose of a scored review.

Conflict of Interest

When assigned to a project, all staff must immediately disclose any conflict of interest to the editor-in-chief of Indie-Love that could reasonably be seen as being in conflict with our duties as members of the press. Cases of conflict of interest can be, but is not limited to, the following example:

-where a spouse, family member, or friend is participating or working on a project in question
providing guest vocal talent, whereas the member of staff should disclose that in his coverage

In the unique case where a member of staff has actively created a portion of a game in any design capacity, he will need to recuse himself from covering said project.

Any case where there is reason to believe conflict of interest should be raised to the editor-in-chief when coverage is assigned.

Staff are given full leave to contribute to crowdfunding. If content for editorials is derived from said contributions, that contribution should be disclosed. Staff may not produce content around a crowdfunding campaign if they contribute to said effort, and if that effort will not be funded if it fails to hit its targets.

Advertising Relationship With Initiative Check

Advertisement policy is clearly displayed on the homepage of Initiative Check. All advertisement goes through that channel, or through the Project Wonderful program.

Initiative Check allows advertisers to work with us to create community events and other custom content for the site. Indie-love strictly does NOT allow advertisers to buy opinion or review pieces, or to influence reviews in any way.

When an advertisers involvement in our content isn’t obvious, such involvement will be disclosed. For example, a sponsored Twitch stream will be identified as such.