James Bartholomeou

Indie Investigations – Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Super Rude Bear Resurrection personifies one thing - that if you do something, you need to do it well. In games, execution is what matters, not simply having a good idea. Super Rude Bear turning deaths into a way to move forwards is something I’ve not seen in many...

Indie Investigations – The Sexy Brutale

Stopping a murder is hard. You need to know when and where it’s going to happen, who’s going to commit it, and how they’re going to do so. That’s a whole lot of sleuthing to stop somebodies death, and occasionally, that’s just too much work. Wouldn’t it be much easier...

Indie Investigations – Mainlining

Disclosure: This game was provided as a review code directly from the developer. Title: Mainlining Developer: Rebelephant Release Date: 27/01/2016 Price: £6.99 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter:...

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James Bartholomeou

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